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3 thousand health workers do not get salary for 14 months

Workers of the Urban Primary Health Care Project, in the dark of despair, opened their doors to the sick people. Nearly 3,000 workers of the country are mentally upset due to not getting 14 months of salary.

Although the project is being implemented by the ADB funding, the allocation of the plan is stuck in the bureaucratic complex of the Ministry of Finance. However, the Planning Minister has said he will take steps to solve the problem quickly.

From the morning, the crowd of patients in the city maternity center and health center. Most of them are mothers and children. Giving and delivery of emergency services There are many primary and secondary treatments including infectious and non-communicable diseases.

In this health center at Maghbazar, 40-50 people worked in different levels including doctors and nurses. But there is no smile in the face. For the last 13 months, the salary and allowances closed. They are so unfortunate that they are suffering.

Victims said they did not get salaries for 14 months. How to walk, not to say Two kids are very difficult to arrange their food.Another man said, a mental torture on us. I have come out of the house for two penny income. Many times life is shocking. We commit suicide. This does not lead to life.

Under this project, Dhaka has been divided into 10 areas. There are four to five health centers in each area. And there are more than 15 partnership area outside Dhaka. The same image in all placesThe concerned people say, the money of the project is stuck in the inefficiency of the manager. Project Director responsible for bureaucratic complications.

Masuda Begum, project manager of Women’s Friendship, said the Evaluation Committee will send it to ADB and send it to the ministry. But the project manager is not working on his team member.
Recognizing the internal complexities of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the minister said, the solution will soon be resolved. Planning Minister Abdul Mannan said, there is a gap in bureaucratic complications here. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.The minister also urged the local government ministry to properly monitor the project.

Three hospital wounded people in Dhaka
In the city’s three renowned hospitals, wailing is going on for water. Poor hospitals, infant hospitals and national mental hospitals have been lacking in these three places due to lack of water and hospital authorities. This water problem is mainly due to the decomposition of WASA water line.

There is no water in Pangu Hospital from midnight on Tuesday. And there are many poor patients who do not have the ability to buy water. Professor Md. Abdul Gani Mollah said on Wednesday, “There is a problem creating the hospital because there is no water. Even water is needed to get water in the ottone (surgical room) that needs water. ‘

Dhaka WASA has a pump behind the lame hospital. The pump is lifted to 3,000 liters of water per minute. Water is provided to Pangu Hospital, Pediatric Hospital and National Mental Hospital from Pumphouse.It is known that WASA this pump was destroyed a week ago. Then it was repaired. But on Tuesday last Tuesday, the pump was again deformed by one and a half. It fell into three hospital wounds for water.

Asked about this, Dhaka WASA managing director Taksim A Khan said on mobile phone, “I do not know the issue, but I am looking for it. The hospital authorities complained to 16162. If the hospital authorities do not complain, will the WASA solve the problem? In response to such a question, he said, “It will be resolved. Here is the record of complaining. ‘

Meanwhile, the WASA Pumphouse reported that the workers of Dhaka WASA tried to repair the repair equipment. At noon was detected that the machine was completely destroyed. WASA Pump Operator Abdul Hakim said, “WASA activists are trying to change the device quickly. I hope we can start the water supply again today.

Great success in producing broiler chickens with antibiotic-free chicken grass
Bangladesh Agricultural University (BHU), researcher of animal husbandry department Professor Dr Biswas has invented bao-plantative technology for the production of more nutritious broiler by reducing the impact of heavy metals and antibiotic in broiler meat. Mohammad al-Mamun

On this afternoon, on 6th May, at the University of Shahjalal Animal Nutrition Field Laboratory, the panel presented the information on the function for the functional meet. Mohammad al-MamunUniversity Pro-VC Professor Dr. Md. Presided over by Jasimuddin Khan, the Vice-Chancellor was present as the chief guest. Md. Ali Akbar

Through this event, the quality of broiler chicken is checked in the market with the quality of broiler chicken due to the use of Plantine grass. Professor Dr. Mohammad Al-Mamun said, “I started research four years ago to reduce the effects of heavy metals and antibiotic in broiler meat.

Then there is an option called ‘Plantine’, which is available for an antibiotic or growth promoter. This grass can be taken directly with livestock and poultry. And this Plantine grass is possible to produce antibiotic-free, safe and more nutritious poultry meat. ‘

Professor Dr. Mohammad al-Mamun named the technology to produce more nutritious chicken meat for antibiotic-free Bau-Plantive.Professor Dr. Mamun said, “Studies have shown that the production of broiler chicken and plantin produced from harmful hormones is almost equal. But in the study of chicken meat, the amount of anti-oxidant omega-3 is beneficial for human body. Omega-3 reduces the amount of saturated fats to increase the body fat.

Plantine helps in decreasing the risk of decreasing fat by reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, cataracts, dementia and aging. This meat is rich in iron, reddish-brown, flavored and bone and meat are comparatively harder than normal broiler chicken meat.

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