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Some of the secret secrets of performance enhancement

Rubel and Ronnie joined the same office, almost at the same time. But surprisingly Rubel has been getting promoted one after another and stepping up, leaving behind everyone. Can not run for the whole day! Robot to meet! What are the secret mysteries, all working day to day? Where is he so energy?

No! There is no secret mystery. Keep an eye on some important issues.
Sleep well
Human body is like a machine. Remain fatigue in the body all day long and remove it. By sleeping, the body fills its corrosion and creates new neatly for new work. So do not neglect to sleep. Adults can sleep enough for 6 to 8 hours. So get enough sleep and start working at the end of sleep.

Breakfast is a nutritious meal
Breakfast after breakfast is very important for the body after breakfast. Because breakfast will provide you gasoline for the entire day. Again, the pressure of your body’s cholesterol emulsion or stress hormone is reduced, so fatigue or stress is less in the body. So start the day with a nutritious breakfast meal.

Always have water at hand
Water helps blood circulate throughout the body, keeps the body cells fresh. So there is no alternative to keeping the body operational. So drink more water.
Increase the amount of food intake

Do not eat more food at a time. Eat a few times a day. If you eat too much food then the body needs so much energy to digest it. So we feel tired after taking food on the gooseberry. Not only that, excessive calorie intake of one meal at a time leads to rapid body weight increase and decrease in body performance. So make frequent eating habits.

Eat nutritious and fatty foods
During the digestion of fennel foods, the sugar is delayed due to absorption, causing the sugar to enter the slow pace slowly without entering blood rapidly. Due to which the energy supply is in the body. So always keep nutritious and fennel foods in the food.

Role of body care to increase efficiency
There is a tremendous role of body practice to overcome performance and fatigue. Increased blood circulation, increased heart rate, and rapid breathing into the body due to excessive oxygen So it gets more body fuel.

Take a break in the job, take a break
If you work continuously, you will get annoyed and tired of the body. As a result, the performance will be lost. To get rid of this, do a little bit of break in the work span.

Share the feelings
Do not hold the feelings of the mind; Open the words of your heart to a trusted friend. Otherwise, anger, sadness, or grief may be left in the body due to fatigue.

There is no pair of music to work on the moonlight. So, when you have time, you can refresh yourself by listening to favorite songs. You can also take hands on the job, a mug tea or coffee that will help you overcome your temporary fatigue. But certainly not extra.

Increase your work efficiency in this way. And it is worthwhile to make yourself into this competitive world.
By: Saifullah Faisal
Sleep during the nest leaf health Good or bad for health?
Sleep during the day Good or bad for health?
Writes – Naima Akhter March 6, 019
There are many people who can not sleep without the afternoon. Thus, during a daytime sleep became a habit. But have you ever wondered why you get to sleep every afternoon?

It may be less sleeping on your night. Because if you do not get enough sleep at night or if you wake up repeatedly sleep during the day you feel sleepy and do not mind properly doing any work. However, sleep during this day is not good or bad for health? Some people think that sleeping during the day is good for the body, it has a lot of benefits in the body. There are some people who do not like to sleep at any time in their lives, they believe that it is very bad for the body, it causes health problems.

There are answers to these questions in Ayurveda. A lot of information is available in Ayurveda about side effects and benefits of sleep during the day. So let’s see what Ayurveda says about the sleeping or the benefits of sleeping during the day.

Sleep during the day and its cycle
According to Ayurveda, our bodies circulate through 3 cycles every 4 hours a day. These three cycles are – allowance, beta and cupa.

Each of these cycles is influenced by their respective phases and naturally our body moves through a rhythm. Through this natural rhythm we find the speed and pleasure of work.

1. Kapha Phase
According to Ayurveda, time between 6am and 10am is said to be the time of Capa. This time is considered to be an active time of the body. If physical exercises are done during this time, the performance of the body increases. If you spend this time asleep, you will feel very lazy throughout the day and your body’s internal organs will not function properly. According to Ayurveda, lunch is the most important meal or meal of the day. So if you have breakfast in the morning then you will feel sleepy in the day

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