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Which one is not helpful for sleeping?

Sleep and eating habits are related to each other. We should know that some food can interfere with our sleep and by taking some food we can sleep in the right place at the right time. Why do you need to sleep better? Because we do not care as much as the skin, if we do irregularities in sleep, then it is not possible to reflect the freshness of the face. It is difficult to preserve beauty without wellness. Now we do not know what food is helpful for our sleeping.

1) Tryptophan food
There are Tryptophan in milk and milk made foods that are helpful for sleeping. Especially hot milk. There is also this ingredient in nuts, eggs, bananas, honey, which will help reduce your sleep problems.

Useful tryptophan food for better sleep – shajgoj
2) Carbohydrates or carbohydrate foods
The right combination of foods made with milk of sugar can give you comfortable sleep for yourself. However, it must be light and eat in small quantities. For example, with a little milk and cereal / yogurt, thin bunny 2 biscuits / small bread with a little paneer.

3) Eat a little amount of light before going to bed
If you suffer from insomnia, a light meal may be helpful for your sleep before going to bed. Before going to bed, you will not be able to eat too much. It can weaken your digestive strength by eating too much food before going to bed. Besides, you will feel uncomfortable in a way that will turn your sleep away from you.

4) Avoid high fat foods
Studies have shown that those who often have high fat and fast food can not only increase their weight but also have sleep problems at the same time.

Avoid high fat foods for better sleep – shajgoj
Their sleep cycle-tie changes. Make a habit of eating healthier food than food, such as burgers and fries from French food.

5) Caution from caffeine
Many of us wake up in the morning and drink coffee, which refreshes our body and mind. But a cup of coffee in the evening or night may be the reason for your sleep breakdown in the middle of the night. Even your sleep might be the reason for coming late. Caffeine is less than coffee – chocolate, tea, decaffeinated coffee. If you want to sleep well at the right time, avoid the caffeine from 4 to 6 hours before you want to sleep.

Caffeine caution for such sleep as well – shajgoj
6) Take precautions to take various medicines
Many drugs contain caffeine. For example, painkillers and weight loss medicines, diuretics (increases urine flow). Many types of such drugs contain more than one cup of coffee. Although it is not ok to take any medicines without the advice of the doctor, even if you have a situation to buy medicines without the advice of the doctor, then read the label of the medicine and know that there is no such element in it that will interfere with your sleep.

7) Stay away from Alcohol
Many people may say that due to Alcohol in the night or in the evening, sleep quickly. But keep in mind that even if you get a quick sleep, that sleep will not be comfortable. After a little while you can break your sleep, you can see a bizarre dream, there can be severe headache.

Stay away from Alcohol for better sleep – shajgoj
8) Do not eat anything with many spices
Just before going to bed, eating a lot of stomachs, eating a lot of spicy foods – this type of habit is harmful to the body and will cause you to break your sleep.

Do not eat too much spices for good sleep – shajgoj
If you go to sleep then you will wear a discomfort that will not let you sleep. May be irritation in the chest.

9) Do not eat protein-rich foods before going to bed
Protein is an indispensable part of our daily diet list. But you have to understand the time. The rules for the night are a little different. Protein diet takes a little time to digest, so that there are many more proteins that can be eaten by sleeping before going to bed before going to bed. For example, a glass of light-hot milk or a thin spinach 2/3 biscuits.

10) Drink water at the right time
The functions of each organs in our body are properly and the water requirement for skin care is immense. We need to drink plenty of water all day long. But you have to wake up several times to drink plenty of water before going to bed at night. So drink plenty of water every day and evening and reduce the amount before going to bed. Then you can sleep well all night long.

Drink water at the right time for better sleep- shajgoj
11) Avoid smoking
Do not forget that the effects of Nicotine and Caffeine are almost the same. So do not smoke while sleeping. Even if you wake up in the evenings, do not smoke at that time.

Avoid smoking for better sleep – shajgoj
So if you want to sleep peace at night, follow the right rules and try to eat the food that will help you sleep.
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