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The role of vegetable in healthy diet

The role of vegetables to keep body fit is immense. Studies have shown that eating eight or nine vegetables daily increases the immunity of the body. Let’s know that some vegetables are more beneficial for our body than all the vegetables.

Tomato tomato can be eaten as a great vegetable and fruit as well. Tomatoes have lycopene and red orbs that can help prevent cancer. There are vitamins A and K which helps control blood pressure.

Broccoli: If it is said to be the most effective in preventing any disease, then the name of the bride will be named first. This is called anti-oxidant storehouse. Broccoli is very beneficial to prevent cancer of the anus, lungs and stomach. Although it is a little miserable, it should be kept in the food catalog occasionally.

Cabbage: Cabbage is very beneficial for the proud mothers because it contains vitamin B and folic acid which helps prevent uteral tube defects. There are also omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, fiber, Vitamin C and K.

Carrots: There is no comparison of carrots for eyes, hair and skin. Gazard Pro is the source of Vitamin and A Carotene that helps in preventing night blindness. There are also vitamins C and A in the carrot which control the amount of sugar in the blood.

Asparagus is very useful for pregnant mothers. It contains fiber, foil, vitamin B6 and also high levels of potassium and a small amount of sodium which is very beneficial for the body. Asparagus is an effective vegetable to protect large quantities.

Sweet potato: There are many diseases of potato that are under the soil. It contains manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C which is very good for the digestive system. There are also iron and fiber which provides a lot of shine in the body.

Brinjal: Although the name is purple, the brinjal is very multiplied. It has a rare antioxidant nasunin (a complex compound) which protects our brain cells. Many studies have shown that regularly eating brinjal reduces the risk of disease like stroke, dimentia (forgotten). It also has lesser amount of black, which is good for heart.

Kapsicum: Capsicum beneficial for red, green, and yellow color for the heart. It contains folic acid and lucopene which is effective in preventing cancer.

Poonisakha: The famous cartoon “popeye the sailor” saw the increase in the poppy’s power when playing pimples. Actually, the Poona has a lot of power. There are also flavonoid which protects from cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Onion: Regular onion consumption increases the immunity resistance. Onion has a gpcs called peptide that fixes calcium levels in the body.

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5 winter vegetables to nest leaf health Know about their nutrition and benefits!
5 winter vegetables. | Know about their nutrition and benefits!
Writes – Shifat Ara Sasaya January 26, 2015

Winter is the name of a Mayabini season. This season on the eve-stone ban on the life of Maya. Just wait for the winter to wait for the winter. What is the winter days? Winter is the story of the Pitha-Puli and dates? At noon, when the food is not eaten by the people of the country, when it is not eaten vegetables, then how does it become vegetables? Rich winter vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, and vegetables make a bigger difference in fish and vegetables, by making a full meal. Talk about 5 winter vegetables. These 5 winter vegetables have a great taste! But know about 5 winter vegetables and their benefits!


5 winter vegetables and their hygiene
1. Cauliflower
Winter Vegetable Cauliflower – shajgoj.com
White white one flower flower inside the big green leaf! Tell me, which flower? Hmmm, there is no flower! This green-white white flower flower is a very favorite vegetable, cauliflower! Veggie, vegetarian, fish curry, do not like to eat, why do not like every time!

Nutrition Ingredients –
There are vitamins A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin K in the cauliflower that fill our body’s vitamin needs. There are also iron, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese and fiber.

Cauliflower has many health benefits. It is discussed below-

1) Cancer – The sulfurfen content that is present in the cauliflower destroys the cancer cell and prevents any tumor growth.

2) Vigorous heart – Cauliflower sulfurfen reduces blood pressure and keeps blood flow healthy by keeping the heart healthy.

3) Potassium-friendly fiber and sulfur-rich cauliflower.

4) Memory-friendly – Colin with vitamin B and B complex of cauliflower is very useful to increase and keep memory. Also, cures for brain disorders and memory disorders are helpful.

5) Anti-cold antioxidant-Vitamin A and Vitamin C to keep the winter free from the cold fever, colds, coughs and tonsillitis.

6) In body structure- Cauliflower free from cholesterol and therefore plays an effective role in body structure.

7) Blood generators- Iron of the cauliflower, blood producer in the body. Fulfill a perfect option to meet the needs of pregnant mother and growing baby.

2. Cabbage
Winter Vegetable Cabbage – shajgoj.com
Leaf after leaf! Yes, I’m talking about cabbage. But many people say this vegetable is also called pakakapi. Cauliflower, fries, fast food items, coloslaw … wolf! Water is coming out alive! Do not worry about cabbage items

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