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Breast cancer,How do you know about symptoms, risk and treatment?

One of the topics discussed in the world is that the two breasts of Angelina Jolie are removed. Because of this, the genes found in the breast and ovarian cancer were found in his body. The name of the gene is BRCA 1 His mother and aunt died of breast cancer. So he decided to remove the breast before taking action to prevent breast cancer. By removing this breast, he has brought down the likelihood of breast cancer from 87% to 5%. It is difficult to decide how hard it is to take the decision.

Breast cancer and our location
This special organ is the symbol of femininity. An essential thing for our beauty and maternalism. Greet Jolie for her brave move. We need to be aware of this very useful organs too. There may be many diseases of the breasts. Breast cancer is one of the most serious and most dangerous of these diseases. Breast cancer is at the top of most of the cancer cases in women in the world.

According to the WHO, in our country, after the cervical cancer, women’s death rate is higher due to breast cancer. Although it is possible to diagnose this early stage of cancer, it is possible to heal completely. Due to our social condition or because of shame, women do not come to the doctor even with nipple problems and are not caught in the initial condition. Come to the worst case. Then maybe life becomes compromised. So let’s not know today about this deadly disease.

What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer is a type of specialized cancer that is produced from the breast cells. Breast cancer may also be men. However, the probability of women being compared to men is 100 times. The girls are made up of breast fats, connective tissues and thousands of glands. These cells are divided according to the need. Called mitosis. Cancer cells are formed due to the uncontrolled division of these mitosis.

What is the symptoms of breast cancer and how to understand myself?
As it has been said before, it is possible to completely cure breast cancer early stage. So, after 20 years, every female should have her breast exams every month in the second week of being menstruated. During the bath or conveniently, standing in the mirror standing in the mirror and seeing your breasts well. Seeing if there is any abnormality to try to understand. Then touch on the touch. If there is one of the following symptoms, such as:

01. Experience one or more cues, wheels, or whole things on one or two breasts, which can be of different sizes and shapes. 80% of breast cancer can be detected after getting the wheel.

0. Change the shape of any one or both breast size. For example, one of the breasts is larger or lower than the other.

03. Size of nipple or nipple bod, shape change Inside the nipple nipple

04. Separation of the nipples from the nipple or leakage

05. Nipple skin biting.

06. There are some red spots on the breasts or some type of blow type.

07. Something like rash type around the breast bumps

08. Have a wheel or any swelling under the armpit.

09. Pain However, there is no pain in most breast or breast cancer. Only 1.7% of cases of breast cancer can be painful.

Who is more likely to get breast cancer?
1) Generally older women are more likely to have this cancer. Women over 50 years of age have cancer.

2) Menopause which is very late in men and whose menstrual cycle is late, ie menopause is delayed.

3) Those who are very close relatives, like mother or sisters, breasts, cervix or colon cancer, they have 7% chance of getting breast cancer.

4) If the first child is too late. For example, after 35, the first child.

5) If there is a free tummy on the breast beforehand.

6) Hormone replacement therapy after menopause.

7) If there is a possibility of ovity in one breasts.

8) If extra fat is drinking alcohol.

9) If there is exposure to radioactive rays. For example – if there is a history of taking radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

10) There is a possibility of those who do not breastfeed.

11) If you do not practice unethical behavior, you will not have to work hard.

When will I go to the doctor?
As soon as we see any of the symptoms mentioned here, we should go to a specialist doctor.
What kind of tests do doctors have to know whether breast cancer has happened?
01) The doctor examines the patient’s history and examines patients by putting them in bed. If you think something suspicious, send it to the laboratory to make sure to check some.

02) Imaging is done in the laboratory. There are different types of imaging. Eg-ultrasonography, mammography, MRI, MR. Mammography is usually better if it is more than 40 years of age. Mammography is a kind of X-ray This gives less radiation than the normal X-ray. Ultrasonography is better than mammography, it is better to have mammography than those who are under 40 years of age.

03) Make biopsy. FNAC is done. Which is called fine needle aspiration cytology – In this method, under the tumor the microscope is examined with a small needle juice. Doctors diagnose breast cancer through these tests.

What is the treatment of breast cancer?
Doctors are at the expansion, location, nature and stage of cancer

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