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Relieve stress

Mental stress suffers most of us all. This mental stress disrupts our health and sleep, including personal and social threats, job-free, busyness, and illness. As a result, life has become miserable. Depression on the small and the small scale spreads in the form of epidemics and wear it to wear! Before enjoying this little life, the mind gets depressed.

But what can be allowed to continue? What should I do? Let’s know some easy but effective ways to deal with stress -01. Learn ‘no’
Learn more about work pressure and commitment to society and family when it is over. Do not go for pressure on the request. You can also get help if needed, this is also an important part of Team Work.
0. Pause

According to the International Stress Management Association, “You can show very good skills in your work, if you can practice at least 10-15 minutes break during the work hours.” So do not sit in the desk without worrying at the time, all of the anxiety from the head shake and recharge yourself a little. Results are your next steps!

03. Exercise:
Physical activity is a great way to shake stress. Physical exertion leads to the emergence of endorphins in our body, which makes us feel good. At the same time, it also strengthens the energy and prevents stress hormones such as cortisol. Choose one of the exercises suitable for your body, maybe walking or dancing or gym exercises!

04. Learn to switch off
Today’s office leave or work? But switch your mobile switch off as you switch off the phone. Do not keep the mind in mind due to unnecessary work.

05. Take a deep breath
If we are under stress, we usually breathe shallow, which basically raises anxiety. There are some breathing rules to overcome anxiety –

Take a deep breath in your diaphragm, so that your ribs seem to be wide.
Once you feel like breathing, then breathe three more times.
Leave this breath completely and try to breathe three more times a day.
Repeat three or four times.
06. Caffeine Samachar:

Coffee, tea, colas and all alcoholic beverages increase the amount of adrenaline emission in the blood, which in fact increases the level of strase. Drink green tea to drink. Green tea has plenty of anti-oxidants, which prevent the body oxidative due to stress.

07. Be positive
The most stressful pressure actually depends on your understanding. Look back a little and think, you really have to worry about what you are worried about? Just a little change in your attitude will help you to see any problem from a positive angle.

08. The plan is all about
Tactic in time management Make a list of ‘what to do’ next day at the end of a day’s work. It will give you a sense of relief after the listed tasks are completed one by one.

09. At night sleeping safely:
Do not sleep at night? One of the side-effects of stress is that inomia, stimulates stress and makes the body tired and irritable. Turn off the television, bathe in warm hot water. Read books or listen to music before going to bed. Put a notebook on your bedside table, write down all the words in the head. Then they can not increase stress in your mind.

10. Find your way to freedom
Robert M. According to Sapolski, find a way to get rid of your daily depression, to get rid of stress, it will work a lot in removing emotional stress. It may be any social event, song, dance, or meditation, prayer or any hobby of work! It will give you emotional strength and make you enjoyable one of your grief days.

11. Message:
A good way to control stress is to massage. It relaxes your nostrils, reduces pain, and improves blood circulation. In the sugarcane, which plays a role in eliminating mental exhaustion.

12. Meditate:
Meditation for at least 15 to 30 minutes of the day. If you are very busy with work pressure, take a little time to meditate. If you want to meditate, you only need your mind. Give yourself a little silence in your day or concentrate on breathing. A little peace of mind will give you strength to deal with many stress and turmoil throughout the day.

13. Run yoga exercises
The addition of yoga exercises leads to the emergence of the endorphin in the brain, which makes the mind cheerful. Moreover, yoga exercises also reduce the risk of obesity and other health risks. So consult the specialist to get the type of yoga exercise suitable for your body.

14. Organize Life:
Organized life gives us a peaceful mind and self-control. Always try to keep everything aside, so do not forget the important thing. Work over time and keep a little bit of time for yourself. You will see all the storms of mind!

15. Eat Healthy Eat:
It has already been proved that junk food increases the grief of our mind (it is necessary to say that fatigue is inevitable). So the shaft

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