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Secrets of sadness

Rahima Begum has been watching for a few days that her elder daughter Mimi is not talking to anyone. That’s the smart girl! I do not even eat it. The sadness of the face is sad He does not understand, what happened to his beloved Lakshmi girl?

At any stage of life, we can suffer such depression or depression. When the demand is not met, the frustration that occurs is the obstruction that causes our normal work. This frustration, long-term depression, takes place in a clinical depression or depressive disorder. Who will make your life unusual and painful? So let’s know some of the most important tips on how to lead a normal life by removing depression.

• Every man has some favorite work. So keep yourself busy in your choice of sadness.

• Keep some entertaining daily routine entertaining. It is better to go out of the house without watching television in the house, it may be the stage drama or anything else that will feed your mind.

• Try to comply with daily religious instruction. In the meantime, fully devoted yourself to the Creator. It is very light to see. Someone with powerful power will help you to overcome your frustration.

• Find time for the family’s people. Because of your so much labor. Spending time with them motivates you to do a better job and will help you overcome your frustration.

• Do not keep the words in mind. Tell all to your trusted close person, and take care not to say this openly again, instead of creating pressure.

• Get out of the routine of daily routine. Do not rob the robot.

• Try to spend some good time with whom you like. If you are far more likely to be in the phone, then contact may not be extra.

• You can sometimes go-togate with friends. Where Zapops can blow up a message, sorrow, hardship and despair.

• Daily physical work or exercise will help you to overcome your frustration. So come out of the mechanical life and spend some time in the garden or in any physical labor.

• Yoga exercises will help keep your mind calm. Do not start yoga exercise today!

• Take time to go hand in hand and think about nature and be yourself a part of greenery. You will see that the mind has become furfure.

• Always think about positive thoughts and increase self-esteem.

• Try to see everyone in friendship. Be selfless for any relationship.

• Keep health foods in the food menu. If you are feeling sad, a cup of coffee or tea will help you improve your mind.

Since life is your own, love it so deeply. Do not blame yourself for any untowardness. If you can not control the long-term depression, contact a psychiatrist. Keep in mind, depression is not a disease. All human life has its disadvantage. However, long-term depression plays a major role in the formation of large psychiatric disorders. So do not neglect them.

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Depression Bangla or low pressure?
The rain came With one cup of coffee
It’s late afternoon, a little wet road
Petals licked below the ceiling
Friends are returning home from far away …
Seeing why this is a hinds today,
In the evening, there was a window in the window
Clouds like before … there is no tears
Only one cup of captive coffee in the fumes
Know the language of depression. upset .

Created …
The human mind is such a strange thing that Huthat changes his own direction. For a very small reason, we often get depressed. In some cases it is kind of extreme.

We often get depressed due to depression. They themselves are small, they are frustrated with themselves. The effect of which is to work in our own lives. But how will we get out of this depression? Let’s know some of the interesting things that we can do to remove this huge problem.

(1) Food
We eat food every day. Whats new about it ? How does depression go? They are thinking? Do not try trials one day, cook yourself something different in times of sadness or go to unfamiliar food shops, try their specials or trivia items that are new to you. Seeing good food gives you a lot of peace.

(2) Change of Look
If you are a boy or a girl, it does not come anywhere. upset! Go to a nice salon and change your regular look, maybe it’s a haircut, hair color or if you do not want to have a good facial or spa! Or if you want to change clothes too. Prefer bright color, favorite dress.

(3) Adrenaline Rush
Take yourself in a thrilling environment. Go around in a tough hostile environment, do some exciting things. See when you’re excited about something funny, run away from the bad run! Love the hill If you have a chance to trekking, please come. There is a lot of places in our country, do not come too close to this beautiful country.
There is a chance

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