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Smile more, stay healthy

“The most successful day is that day, the day there was no smile” … …
Laughter is a gifted gift for us. Laughter is a natural medicine. This gives us a feeling of happiness and happiness. Laughter is such a thing that makes our emotions easy to touch and release. Laughter lets you understand the world around yourself and your surroundings. When we are laughing, no thought of the world can touch us. Makes our life more vivid and makes us physically and mentally strong. After a few minutes laughing we may feel a little relieved.

Let’s see what smile helps us to change the physical and mental aspects
• Helps reduce blood pressure

• Increases blood circulation in the body and increases oxygen levels in the blood and increases immunity

• Increases the efficiency of muscles on the body of the body including diaphragm and abdominal

• Helps reduce some tensional hormones in the body such as cortisol, cortisol and adrenaline.

• Increases the efficacy of body diseases such as Gamma-interferon and T-cells

• Emphasis on memory and knowledge

• Helps to be focused on learning or learning, creates creativity and memory

• Helps feel more relaxed and sleep unintentionally

• Prevent viral infections such as cold, fever, nose and mouth pain etc.

• Food helps in digestion and reduces bowel disease

• Humor may be thought of as a serious illness such as cancer, it is amazing that we can not conceive or realize how beneficial laughter is. At present, many think that smile therapy helps in the treatment of cancer.

Improve attitudes and help in achieving better life

• Strengthens social ties and relationships and helps build yourself as a good person.

How to make a smile
When we see or hear a joke or comic or humorous thing or work, then very few instances happen in our brain and that comedy happens in less than half a second to see or hear. After hearing the trick, an electrolyte is formed and it reaches the left hemisphere through our brain’s syllabal cortex, the neural tissue, and analyzes the sound of the left hemispheric comic and its structure, in the right hemisphery, the right hemispheric understands Zoccata and the visuals of Oscptil Lab. The sensor area creates a picture of the comedy, the limbic system then gives us the fun And it pleases us to understand the brain’s motor section makes you laugh, smile or laugh out loud.

What can you do for a laugh?

If there are so many attributes of laughter, let us practice smiling every day, every moment. Keep looking for work, always looking for work, fun, work or events. Do not think logic all the time, without logic, all things, it has become laughable. Try to read comedy books all the time, see the comedy film, listen to the trick’s cassette. If you do not get your smile, you can also laugh at others’ smile, one may be a little smile, another may be the reason for the laughter. Keep an eye on comics pages every day or refer to online tricks. Nowadays, there are numerous comedy pages available online.

You can try laughter to meditate. If you have a lively club in the area, you can do Yoga classes. You can chat everyday with your friends for a while, for a little bit of fun and tiredness. Husbands and wives try to laugh at each other In every word or work, the relationship between the two will be as sweet, as well as listening to laughter and laughter, one’s pride or anger can sometimes be overcome in a moment. The relationship will become normal, with Laughter exercises will also become. Smile more, stay healthy.

Nail cut with nest leaf health 7 Tips for Causing and Stopping Unhealthy Badshaus
Cut the nails with your teeth. | 7 Tips for Causing and Stopping Unhealthy Badshaus
Writes – Naima Akter April 27, 019

Whenever you have stressed or drowned in any thought, do you feel unknowingly bitter and very unhealthy, like doing nails with your teeth? If yes, then this article is for you. You may know that this is not only an annoying nausea with this tooth and it is harmful for your health too. This can be a serious disease for you to do. Because, in order to work, our main organ and various types of diseases- germs, bacteria, viruses etc. can enter our body to cut the nails with teeth.

Although washing hands well, many different types of harmful germs may be hidden throughout the nails of the nails. The germs from the mouth and mouth can enter the body. So this bad habit may be the reason for your deadly disease. Anyway, how you get rid of this annoying bad habit, let’s see!

Why are nails cut with teeth?
1) Badshawk nails come in beautiful shape, if nails are cut nails beautifully. If you cut your nails with your tooth, then your nails lose its normal shape and nails in it

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