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Problems with sinusitis.10 domestic ways to deal with !!

Problems with sinusitis are many of us. Many people suffer from pain. However, many people can not understand this pain sygnosity or migraine. What is sinocytitis? The places which are hollow or holes in our bodies are basically called sinuses. When these sinuses have any cause or injury, this blow or inflammation is called sinocytes.

Signs of sinocytes
The first and main symptom of this pain is headache. Fever has fever with it and the nose is closed. Usually, the intensity of cyanocytes pain in the morning and afternoon can be reduced in the afternoon. However, sinuses may have pain on the side of the eye and nose along with headache, as well as headaches and nerves.

Simple ways to get rid of sinocytic problems
(1) Sugar juice is beneficial for reducing the effects of sinusitis. 300 ml Carrot juice, 100 ml. Cucumber juice, 100 ml Bit juice and 200 ml. Drink pulses and mix well and drink every day.

Salmon juice to get rid of sinocytic problems – shajgoj.com
(2) Try to eat vitamins containing Vitamin-such as mango, pumpkin, egg yolks, tomatoes, papaya, carrots, milk and yogurt in the sinocytes.

(3) Take 100 grams of ginger juice and mix it with 200 grams of ghee. This is one of the ways to prevent sinusitis.

(4) Take 1 table spoon of black cumin on a thin cloth and its smell can be taken.

(5) Take one tablespoon of fenugreek in a glass of water until it is half. If you take 3/4 glasses daily, the problem of sinositis will be reduced.

Fennel water from the problem of sinocytes – shajgoj.com
(6) Onion and ginger smell have many benefits. These two components have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

(7) Drink ginger or cinnamon tea in hot hot conditions.

(8) The cold and oily foods must be avoided.

(9) It may be astonished to hear that the effects of sinocytes are reduced by exercise. Adrenalin increases the body due to exercise, which reduces increased sinus tissue.

Cyanocytes provides relief from the problem – shajgoj.com
(10) We are all very familiar with Vinegar. This vinegar reduces the production of mucus and releases us from sinocytes. One glass of light hot water will have to take two teaspoons of vinegar every three times a day.

Synecosis Remedies
If you have a headache for sinositis, consult a doctor. The doctor gives the medication and nose drops in the initial stage, mainly due to the symptoms of sinocytes. If there is a greater amount of sinositis, it is necessary to make the wash.

Nail cut with nest leaf health 7 Tips for Causing and Stopping Unhealthy Badshaus
Cut the nails with your teeth. | 7 Tips for Causing and Stopping Unhealthy Badshaus
Writes – Naima Akter April 27, 019

Whenever you have stressed or drowned in any thought, do you feel unknowingly bitter and very unhealthy, like doing nails with your teeth? If yes, then this article is for you. You may know that this is not only an annoying nausea with this tooth and it is harmful for your health too. This can be a serious disease for you to do. Because, in order to work, our main organ and various types of diseases- germs, bacteria, viruses etc. can enter our body to cut the nails with teeth.

Although washing hands well, many different types of harmful germs may be hidden throughout the nails of the nails. The germs from the mouth and mouth can enter the body. So this bad habit may be the reason for your deadly disease. Anyway, how you get rid of this annoying bad habit, let’s see!

Why are nails cut with teeth?
1) Badshawk nails come in beautiful shape, if nails are cut nails beautifully. If you cut your nails with your tooth, then your nails lose its normal size and the beauty of the nail is damaged.

2) If you cut your nails with your teeth, your face may be lost. Because, because of your jaw, your teeth may be damaged due to biting your nails with teeth. Even the teeth are at risk of breaking.

3) It can help you get affected by various diseases. Because, your hands are nothing but bacterial germs. These germs may be completely hidden in your nails. When you bite your nails, this germ will enter your body and increase the risk of getting sick.

4) This bad habit can make you socially embarrassed too. In the presence of others, a nasty practice of biting nails and it violates social behavior.

5) This bad habit can damage nick tissue in addition to nail damage. Also, the nails can also reduce the rate of growth as well.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, due to the tooth cutting of the teeth, there may be damage to the teeth of the dentist, oral infection, oral damage etc. Even nail injuries can cause infection in the mouth.

What can be the reason behind biting nails?
Nail-biting habit is some of the underlying health

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