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Be nice, stay healthy and stay beautiful

We all say goodbye at the time of good luck, ‘be good’. But being busy with thousands of complications in this busy life is not really easy. But that is probably not impossible. Maybe we can stay better if we want to. And with good stay, it can be kept healthy and strong. It is important to keep yourself healthy too. It’s a good thing for everyone to own. Below are some easy ways to be good for your convenience

(1) Good feeling
Always try to feel better. Power comes from good feelings and thoughts. Think about your childhood. How much energy did you eat in childhood, how much energy did you play. The reason is that when you do not stay home with any kind of bad thoughts. But that does not mean that there is an irregularity to eat. All you have to do is eat properly.

(2) Weight control
By keeping weight you can maintain your health easily. Excessive weight or very little weight is not good for health. It is very important to keep your own weight according to age, height. Do not eat anything in the morning snack. Try to put tea, milk or juice in the morning breakfast. Eat rice at noon. Keep your vegetables in the food list. Eat moderate amount of rice but eat more than vegetables. Eat fish, meat-and-rule. Do not eat too much Night food – and so on. To eat food at night is very little. But after the meal you can eat the fruit as a dessert.

(3) Plan
Always try to run the plan. Either Huthat will not make any decision in whatever matter. A wrong decision can turn your life into a bad way for which you will get all your life.

(4) Do not retire
Do not worry about retiring from work. Many people want to retire from frustration. But this is a wrong decision because if the work is not in the head, both the head and the body are shaken. Do not even think of retirement from work until 65 years of age.

(5) Distribution of knowledge
Spread the things you know to others. This will benefit others and their respect and love for you will also increase.

(6) Exercise
Do regular exercises. Do not forget to exercise regularly as you become healthy and vigorous. Practice getting up in the morning and walking in the morning and practicing exercise.

(7) Inspiration
Always meet some people who will inspire you in your work. Will encourage you. If you make a mistake in your work, do not criticize others. And if someone can convince someone better, then it is good. Many people want to teach some people the way they live their life. But if you want to be the ideal of your life, then there is no obstacle. Only specific guidelines are needed.

(8) Have fun
Always stay in the fun. No matter how much pain, no matter how hard you try, forget about the difficulties of drowning in fun. Because the difficulties are temporary. And this temporary injury may show you the lasting happiness of the moment.

(9) Be ready for the accident
No one can say that what will happen when. So always keep your mind ready for these events. Keep money at home all the time to deal with these incidents. Keep the number of hospitals, ambulances, police stations, fire brigades all the time in mobile. You can work anytime.

(10) Think from all sides
The episode of a currency has two sides. So always think of any subject in two ways. How bad it is, how bad it is, how bad it is. How bad is the amount of it Not only that, think of what is acceptable to you and how acceptable it is to others.It’s not hard to be good. Just think about how easy you can be. Do not wait to tell how important it is to be good for your wellbeing and beauty.

The name of the disease is afraid to hear … cold sneezing is unstable. Who does not understand who will be better off. There is no problem with which to count it. Many doctors know that no problem will be seen. Still better than knowing a little better? Yes, today’s text is the foundation of the disease and the doctor’s selection.

Before going to a pharmacy, before eating a tablet, think of a good doctor or how much will it be? Do not show a doctor repeatedly suffering from the same illness. According to the symptoms of the disease, the doctor is required to choose, even though the doctor will tell you to show such an expert, but if you know from earlier, the suffering will be less.

Headache, head rotation, burden of weight, coming to the thigh, may not be able to balance, may be mostly due to brain problems. But before that you will see what the problem is with you. There may be cough with cold, fever, headache as well as many times. Only then can a nose, ear and throat specialist be needed. After a major accident or injury, being unconscious, hearing blood from the ear or the head, the scars of the eye near the eyes or ears can be understood to cause brain problems. There are many older people who have forgotten too much. There is no good word to remember. It is the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Tell the doctor if you do not blame for age.

Nephrologist and urologist
Frequent urine, too much appetite, weight loss and frequent thirst for diabetes. May be at any age. There is no reason to think that it is only adult. Frequent urination, incomplete feeling of emptiness, pain, pain on both sides of the back, pain on both side of the waist, then take a serious condition. Among older people, kidney damage is more prevalent. It is necessary to have a nephrologist with allergies without allergies, itching, vomiting, urinary problems, red urine like blood.

Gynecologists and Obstetricians
In many cases, this specialist needs to be done in a woman’s life. If there is no female period after 16 years, there is no reason to take it lightly. There are many reasons for this. To know the exact cause, you should contact the doctor. If there is a frequent period of time, excessive bleeding, whether it is menstrual or monthly, it is normal to feel pain during the period, think that it may not be possible.

There may be problems with your child for these problems. Is not it better to be taken care of before it is better? During pregnancy, 13 visits will be made, at least 4 will be done. If you want to know about your child’s health, your physical condition, and if there is any complications, then you need to check up beforehand. The nearest health clinic can show, there is no such thing that experts have to go 13 times.

And if a good doctor says that Caesar has to be done, try to understand that your child, your body has been complaining of complication. If there is more complexity in pregnancy, such as when a child is born, it can lead to childbirth. In the future, your urinary tract can be accompanied by vaginal path fistula, falling down the uterus, and other such problems of uterus.

In Bengal the bones and the pairs are experts. There is nothing special about this. We show this doctor only when there are problems in bone and joints in the body of the accident. If there is pain in the affected area, swelling, redness, difficulty in stirring and hard work, doctors will have to show. If there is a head injury, a neurologist should also be shown.

Breast bone breaks into the heart, lungs, or can cause stress, or pressure may also occur after bleeding. If it breaks, it’s not just a bone and a pair of doctors, as well as other experts. You might think, this is the first doctor to tell and someone will have to go, but doctors are also people. They may be wrong.

The kids are very sensitive. Children will have to take any issues with seriousness. Because they can not speak with their mouths. If you think of a problem, do not delay. After the birth of the baby, see if there are any birth defects in him. If you think you are big enough to do the operation. But it is difficult to treat if many diseases increase with age or increase the age.

The World Health Organization has identified pneumonia as the number one cause of child mortality. Diarrhea, mizzles, birth defects are also noticeable. If your child is having trouble eating, it is always unstable, all of which vomits, vomits, coughing, breathing frequently, the lower part of the chest gives breathing time, becomes unconscious, but show a doctor right away. Feeding them according to the diet plan for the children to grow properly at the right time.

Many experts and symptoms are excluded. I apologize for all that was not possible in all the same discussions. In another discussion, you will try to say more according to your needs. If you or your fellow man is useful to you, then this article will be successful in writing about my enthusiasm and sincerity. Be nice, stay good with everyone.

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