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Some of the secret secrets of performance enhancement

Rubel and Ronnie joined the same office, almost at the same time. But surprisingly Rubel has been getting promoted one after another and stepping up, leaving behind everyone. Can not run for the whole day! Robot to meet! What are the secret mysteries, all working day to day? Where is …

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Smile more, stay healthy

“The most successful day is that day, the day there was no smile” … … Laughter is a gifted gift for us. Laughter is a natural medicine. This gives us a feeling of happiness and happiness. Laughter is such a thing that makes our emotions easy to touch and release. …

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Secrets of sadness

Rahima Begum has been watching for a few days that her elder daughter Mimi is not talking to anyone. That’s the smart girl! I do not even eat it. The sadness of the face is sad He does not understand, what happened to his beloved Lakshmi girl? At any stage …

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Relieve stress

Mental stress suffers most of us all. This mental stress disrupts our health and sleep, including personal and social threats, job-free, busyness, and illness. As a result, life has become miserable. Depression on the small and the small scale spreads in the form of epidemics and wear it to wear! …

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